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Bullet Mop

❏ Excellent For All Floor Type: No matter if you need a professional hardwood floor cleaner mop or mop for laminate wood floors, Bullet Mop is your efficient solution for all floors. Suitable for wood floor, hardwood floor, tile, laminate, linoleum, cement, bamboo, drywall...etc
❏ Self-Squeeze Quick Dry: The built-in automatic squeezer easily squeezes out dirty water and achieves a high level of dryness.
❏ No Mess Cleaning: When you are done cleaning, you can squeeze the water hands-free and completely hygienically with the installed automatic squeezer. The built-in wringer assures powerful squeezing of all dirty water.
❏ 360° Swivel Design: Sleek Design extends reach beneath and around furniture. A 360° rotatable mop head gives access to various angles of cleaning.
❏ Quality Microfiber Pad: Designed to pick up dirt, dust, pet hair, and other debris. The microfiber mop is 100% machine washable and reusable.
❏ Lightweight: Bullet Mop is innovatively made from PP, EVA, and stainless iron, it weighs just 950g.
❏ Save Space: This Rubberized Safety Base standing design is for better storage and a stylish outlook that could improve your lifestyle. An ideal choice for minimal life.
❏ Easy to Use: The package comes with two parts, you can easily assemble the mop and one click to squeeze and dry it.

What's in the box?
Includes: 1 Microfiber pad
Material: PP, EVA and Stainless Iron (Handle)Size: 39 x 11cm (Mop Head)Handle: 91-124cmWeight: 950g

❏ 適用於不同材質地板: 無論你是需要清潔始終還是硬木地板,Bullet Mop都能為你輕鬆解決。Bullet Mop適用於所有木材及地板材料,質地柔軟及吸水力強的纖維抹布能夠保護您的地板不被刮花同時清潔力十足。

❏ 毋須費力清潔: 一按一推,雙手完全無需接觸污漬;洗脫一體,輕鬆瀝乾及徹底清理家居衛生,操作簡單而且高效。用對了拖把,清潔也能變成樂趣之一。

❏ 自動擰乾功能: 只需按鍵便能立即擰乾,從此無須碰觸污水,輕易清除所有污水污漬,瞬間瀝乾,省卻麻煩步驟。

❏ 360° 旋轉拖把頭: 360° 旋轉設計配合超薄拖板設計確保每一個角落,罅隙,家居背後都能清潔乾淨,深入每一個難觸及的地方, 清潔徹底不留死角。

❏ 可重複使用纖維抹布:纖維抹布的材質吸水力強,不容易甩毛,而且可以重複使用及機洗,更加方便環保及節省金錢。

❏ 輕便: 體積細小,而且材質輕便,確保您每次清潔都能夠不費力。

❏ 直立式收納: 防滑底座確保能直立於每一個角落,就算是狹小的空間都能防止,適合生活空間狹小的都市人。而且清潔完畢,一按便能立即收回擰乾。收納時更不會污染地面,保持衛生清潔。

❏ 容易安裝及使用: 只有兩個部件,可以輕易組裝;使用也只是一按便能輕易取出及擰乾,每次排水輕鬆徹底。

Bullet Mop

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