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Nano Pedi Touch 聲波納米多功能美容儀


✧ The Perfect Triple Benefit Skin Spa System: The rotating brush with advanced technology delivers superior cleansing on hard-to-remove makeup, is gentle enough for daily use on even the most sensitive skin, and is able to remove rough patches and dead skin.
✧ Multifunctional  3-IN-1 Facial Brush Set: It includes three interchangeable brushes for head-to-toe pampering.
✧ 2 Cleaning Modes: Personalize your cleansing routine with the 2-speed settings. 2 intensities from weak to strong, lower for gentle cleansing and exfoliation, faster for deep cleansing.
✧ 360° Rotary Spin: The 360° rotation system can achieve deep and effective cleaning which can easily remove dirt and dead skin.
IPX6 Water Resistant: IPX6 water-resistant in the bath or shower, enjoy your beauty routine even in the shower!
✧ Extended Handle: Designed for those hard-to-reach areas.
For Face:
✧ Ultra-Soft Facial Brush: This is for you to enjoy an at-home spa experience for deep cleaning, removing impurities, blackheads, whiteheads, while reducing excess oils and blemishes.✧ Silicone Brush: It provides an invigorating massage to revive, rejuvenate, and stimulate healthy blood flow.
For Body:
✧ Nano Pedi Brush: Archive smooth Sexy callus-free feet with Nano-technology, the blade-free way to soft and beautiful feet. Gently exfoliate rough skin in seconds!

3合一美容儀 - 極致Home Spa體驗


✧ 極致三重Home Spa體驗:在家中也能享受Spa一般的體驗,每天只需一部儀器便能做到各種護膚程序,無論是卸除難搞的妝容還是去除頑固的老廢角質,抑或是其他身體部位上的老繭及死皮,Nano Pedi Touch都能夠輕易達成!敏感肌也能夠安心使用。

✧ 三合一刷頭套裝:Nano Pedi Touch 配合了3個不同的刷頭,包括了:亮膚美白刷頭,矽膠刷頭,納米去角質刷頭。完美為你解決任何肌膚上的問題。


✧  360°轉動刷頭: 360°零死角地為你清除臉上所有老舊廢物,隨時都做到深層清潔!

✧ IPX6級別防水:IPX6級別的防水電磁保護殼令你洗澡時也能輕鬆護膚。

✧ 加長手柄:有助清潔難接觸部位,例如後背。


✧ 亮膚美白刷頭:柔軟絨毛不會磨損肌膚,達致快速起泡。在家中也能深層清潔,不用到美容院也能護理肌膚健康!從此告別黑頭粉刺,和油膩肌膚和粗大毛孔告別。

✧ 矽膠刷頭:方便清潔,不容易滋生細菌。柔軟矽膠能夠溫和清潔肌膚及按摩肌膚表層從而增加血液循環,讓肌膚由內而外散發健康光采


✧ 納米去角質刷頭:採用了嶄新的第三代納米玻璃技術,納米磨面能夠輕鬆捉緊死皮,在無痛不傷膚的情況底下徹底去除死皮!不需傳統鋒利不鏽鋼刮腳器就能還你嫩滑雙腿,現在不需再擔心被刮傷嬌嫩肌膚,只需幾秒便能告別死皮。

Nano Pedi Touch 聲波納米多功能美容儀

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