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Product Parameter
Material: 50% PP, 40% Polyester, 10% Latex

✧ Say Hello to a Pain-Free Life: The comfy Thera Posture aims to adjust your posture and relieve chronic back pain! It takes the pressure off of key areas by aligning your posture properly!
✧ Easy to Use: Thera Posture has two adjustable straps so it can fit your body size perfectly!
✧ Improve your Posture Anytime and Anywhere: Thera Posture is thin and stretchable, you can wear it to adjust your posture in the office, lying at home , or during your leisure time! No more excuses to skip your posture correction!
✧ Breathable Material: Premium soft and breathable fabric let you stay cool while improving your posture.
✧ Reusable Hot and Cold Gel: The hot and cold gel is easy to use, you can simply put it in the microwave or the fridge to achieve your ideal temperature! The hot gel helps with blood circulation while the cold gel helps you with pain relief.
✧ Unisex: Thera Posture is designed for both men and women, this gender-free design makes it easy to fit into your daily clothing!
✧ Easy to Clean: Thera Posture is machine washable but it is advised to wash with a delicate wash cycle.



物料: 50% 聚丙烯, 40% 聚酯纖維, 10% 乳膠

迎接無痛生活:Thera Posture 致力改善您的姿勢,從而解決因坐姿不良所引致的腰酸背痛。
容易使用:Thera Posture可以輕易調整鬆緊度,確保您以最舒適的狀態調整您的姿勢。
隨時隨地進行姿勢矯正:Thera Posture 採用了透薄的布料,您可以隨時隨地的在衣服下佩戴,無論是在辦公室還是家中,抑或是外出購物。
中性設計:Thera Posture的設計男女皆宜,中性的設計確保能夠融入你日常生活的打扮。

Posture Corrector (with Gel) 姿勢矯正神器 (配 冷/熱敷包)

SKU: P0570
HK$329.00 Regular Price
HK$279.00Sale Price
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