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UVC QBOX, UVC多功能消毒箱 (紫外線消毒器) 消毒盒

Clean and Charge wirelessly
One-Click Sanitization
Medical Grade UV Light
Eliminates bacteria from your phone with wireless charging!
Built-in Wireless 10W Fast charger
No Chemicals or harmful abrasives
6 Powerful UV lights ensure safe and effective cleaning
Kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria, fungi, and mites
Sterilizes Face Masks, Utensils, Ear Buds, Smart Watch, Keys, Reading Glasses, Pens, and much more!
Built-in Aroma diffuser, just add your favorite fragrance and refresh your gadgets

1️⃣ Built-in Wireless 10W Fast charger

2️⃣ Kills 99.9% of germs

3️⃣ Built-in Aroma diffuser, just add your favourite fragrance and refresh your gadgets

4️⃣ No Chemicals or harmful abrasives


Dimension: 210(L) x 120 (W) x 62 (H) mm
Weight: 326 g
Bulb: UV-C germicidal tube, 3W output
Wavelength Range: 254nm (peak value: 253.7nm)
Irradiation intensity: 500 µw/cm² (placed horizonyally)
Work environment: 0~50 °C; relative humidity: 10~75% RH
Power supply: USB Type C
Wireless Charging Output: 10W maximum / Input 5V/2A; 9V/2A


1️⃣ 支持最大10W無線快速充電🔋

2️⃣ 有效殺滅99.9%細菌🦠

3️⃣ 特設香薰槽,可加入液態香薰, 消毒後讓物品持久散發香氣

4️⃣ 物理殺菌消毒, 絕無化學殘留🧪


尺寸:210(長)x 120(寬)x 62(高)毫米




輻射強度:500 µw /cm²(水平放置)

工作環境:0〜50°C; 相對濕度:10〜75%RH

電源:USB Type C

無線充電輸出:最大10W /輸入5V / 2A; 9V / 2A

UVC QBOX, UVC多功能消毒箱 (紫外線消毒器) 消毒盒

SKU: H0278
HK$399.00 Regular Price
HK$199.50Sale Price
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