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Nutri Grill Pro (45x27cm)


  • Forged from heavy gauge die-cast aluminum, ensuring consistent and delicious results!
  • 4 layers of 100% non-toxic ceramic coating!
  • Free from PTFE, PFAS, and PFOA, ensuring a safe and healthy cooking environment.
  • Integrated induction base, compatible with all cooktops!
  • Smooth ceramic surface prevents food residues from sticking, making cleaning a breeze.
  • Taller Body design locks in flavors, resulting in a delightful burst of taste that elevates your culinary creations.
  • Raised Grill Lines efficiently drain excess oils and fats, promoting healthier and more nutritious meals.



  • 由大規格壓鑄鋁鍛造而成,確保一致且美味的結果!
  • 4層100%無毒陶瓷塗層!
  • 不含 PTFE、PFAS 和 PFOA,確保安全健康的烹飪環境。
  • 整合式電磁爐底座,相容於所有爐灶!
  • 光滑的陶瓷表面可防止食物殘渣粘附,使清潔變得輕而易舉。
  • 較高的機身設計可鎖住風味,帶來令人愉悅的味道,提升您的烹飪創作。
  • 升高的燒烤線可有效排出多餘的油脂,促進更健康、更有營養的膳食。

Nutri Grill Pro (45x27cm)

SKU: K-0678
HK$429.00 Regular Price
HK$319.00Sale Price
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